split with Skrotes

by Boiling Point

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This is our part of 7" split with portuguese band the Skrotes. Their side you can listen at theskrotes.bandcamp.com


released December 12, 2012

cooperation between labels as Farce Attack Records , Destroy It Yourself, Yellow Dog Records, Dzsukhell Rekords, Black Trash Records, Totalitarianism Still Continues ‎and Carpath Bears.



all rights reserved


Boiling Point Žilinský kraj, Slovakia

Boiling Point formed in 2008. Although consisting of four very different individuals, our music always aimed to be straightforward and aggressive. We really wanted to focus on creating fast music with strong „DIY“ attitude, which draws its influences from 80´s hardcore bands (Black Flag, Minor Threat, SSD, Impact Unit) and thrashcore bands (Scholastic Deth, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, A.N.S.). ... more

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Track Name: Why should I care?!
Floods, earthquakes, disasters.
Bomb attacks, religious hate.
Destruction describes this age,
mankind at its final stage!
Why should I care?
Why should I pay attention?
When we´re all going to die soon!
Track Name: Zombie Anarchy
Contaminated water,
some people are infected.
The disease is spreaded,
it could not have been detected.
People turned to zombies,
and there´s no way back.
They want to eat your brains.
Therefore they attack!
The police is helpless,
looses are so high.
Every man in uniform
is condemned to die.
They fight the power in the streets
to fulfill their bloody needs.
They killed all the politicians
and their bosses too.
If you´re just a greedy bastard,
the same´s waiting for you.
Zombies need no leaders.
They are all equal.
Prepare for zombie anarchy!
Track Name: Positive Example
If you scream too loud,
they´ll ignore you.
If you want to shout,
they´ll overhear you.
You might think you´re right
and force them to fight.
But that´s not going to happen!
If you don´t preach, maybe you´ll
reach much more than you´ve ever thought.
Try to make a change
by your behaviour.
Impacting others through positive example!
Track Name: Crazy Hungarians
Crippled foxes, manic apes.
Many youngsters trading tapes.
Circle pits and giant piles,
broken bones and cheerful smiles.
Crazy Hungarians.
All the dudes ready to thrash!
Crazy Hungarians.
For the scene not for cash.
Although they want to steal our land,
we enjoyed every second there we spent.
I will miss the Hummus Bar,
Budapest is fucking far.